DSA Secretariat

Below are the contact details for DSA. Please use the online contact form below and we will contact you with a response as soon as possible.

Contacts & Responsibilities

Frances Hill, Executive Director


  • General DSA enquiries (not membership)
  • Annual Conference
  • External Relations and Liaison

Louise Rands Silva, Membership Administration


  • Membership Enquiries
  • Database
  • Payments

Web Administration,

For any postings to the DSA website please contact Rhiannon on the above email.


Meera Tiwari, Giles Mohan and Ben Jones, Study Group Co-ordinators

Meera, Giles and Ben co-ordinate the Study Groups. If you wish to start up a Study Group or have any queries relating to Study Groups, please contact either Meera on m.tiwari (at), Giles on g.mohan (at) or Ben on b.w.jones(at)

Rachel Lehan, Accounts and Finance

Rachel handles all invoicing, credit control and accounts for the DSA. Please contact her if you have a query relating to any of these issues.

Contact details


PO Box 108
EX39 6ZQ


+44 (0)845 519 3372


Frances Hill:frances (at)
Louise Rands Silva:louise(at)
Web Administration:web (at)
Meera Tiwari, Giles Mohan and Ben Jones:m.tiwari (at)
Rachel Lehan:rachel (at)