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Social Justice (Short Course)
Queen Margaret University, Institute for International Health and Development (IIHD)

The aim of the course is to understand and critically assess claims for, and approaches to, Social Justice. To reflect on and apply implications for social justice in practice as citizens, activists and professionals in a range of contexts.

Content will include:

  • issues, contexts and strategies for social justice
  • social movements and social justice claims
  • class, gender and 'race'
  • philosophical approaches to social justice: religious, Marxist, contractarian and utilitarian
  • John Rawls: the difference principle and the original position
  • Nancy Fraser: redistribution, recognition and representation
  • structural paradigm and difference paradigm
  • justice and citizenship
  • non violence: Ganghi and his legacy
  • extending claims for justice: cosmopolitanism, post-cosmopolitanism and ecological justice


Type of course
Short course

Entry requirements

Hons Degree in a related subject/a professional qualification in a related area recognised for professional body membership and equivalent in academic terms to hons degree/relevant experience

Start and finish dates
January (part time short course)

Average student numbers

participants wishing to gain an award may register for a post graduate certificate. The modules are then taken for credit on a part-time basis each year. A PG Cert requires 60 credits and a post graduate diploma requires 120 credits. If you do a dissertation in addition to the short courses, you will gain 180 credits.ant experience