Multidimensional Poverty and Poverty Dynamics Study Group

Start Date: 23/06/2014 00:00:00
End Date: 23/06/2014 00:00:00

Category: Studygroups

Panel proposal EADI Conference June 23-26 2014: Multidimensional poverty and poverty dynamics EADI/DSA study group

Convenors: Laura Camfield, Andrew Crabtree, David Durkee, Solava Ibrahim, Keetie Roelen, Meera Tiwari

Title: Multidimensional poverty in a multi-polar world

Abstract: The call for this year’s conference describes how some developing countries are ‘rising stars’ while others in the developing, and developed world are becoming increasingly marginalized as a result of stagnating levels of economic growth and losses in international market shares. This experience of marginalization is reproduced at the country and community level where marginalization of the poorest and most vulnerable is becoming increasingly entrenched.

Against this backdrop, this panel asks a number of questions around social mobility, values and aspirations and the situation of those left behind. These include: What are the contemporary pathways to social mobility and how sustainable is middle class or non-poor status is once it is attained? What are the values and aspirations of those in the new middle class and of those most vulnerable and marginalized and how do these interact? To what extent are social mobility and values and aspirations reflected in and captured by changes in the situation of multidimensional poverty?

Timing: The deadline for submission of abstracts is 15 December 2013.



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