Multidimensional Poverty and Poverty Dynamics

Start Date: 01/11/2014 00:00:00
End Date: 01/11/2014 00:00:00

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DSA Annual Conference: Understanding child and youth poverty: beyond ‘business as usual’

Based on moral, rights and economic grounds, the body of research on multidimensional child poverty has been greatly expanded in the last decade. Nevertheless, considerable knowledge gaps remain, compromising the efforts towards improving the lives of children and youth. It is therefore imperative to build on and push the existing research as we are moving into the post-2015 era. Novel ways of data collection and innovative practice in analysing new and existing data about child poverty and wellbeing of youth are required to move beyond ‘business as usual’.

The papers in this panel  aim to add to the debate by presenting new conceptual framings and methodological innovations for investigating poverty and wellbeing of children and/ or youth or offering empirical findings that illustrate a move beyond current practice. 


Intrahousehold inequalities in child rights and wellbeing. A barrier to progress?
Laura Rodriguez Takeuchi, ODI
Do feelings of shame undermine children’s development?
Paul Dornan and Maria Jose Ogando Portela, University of Oxford

The Role of Participatory Visual Methods within a Multi-Methods Approach to Explore the Link between Young Colombians’ Aspirations and Spaces.
Sonja Marzi, University of East Anglia

Multidimensional child poverty from a longitudinal poverty: how to account for the fluidity of childhood?
Keetie Roelen, Institute of Development Studies

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