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The DSA welcomes higher education students as members from every level – undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research. Student Membership of the DSA is only £20 a year and what better way can there be to get to know other development studies academics than by meeting and interacting with them at DSA conferences and through the DSA study groups.

The DSA facilitates networking between students of different UK development studies institutes, university departments and research groups through the follow Facebook Group which you can add yourself to and meetings both at and outside of the annual DSA conferences. We distribute information on development themed conferences which may be of interest to student members and which provide an excellent opportunity for you to gain experience in attending such academic events and giving presentations. Study groups welcome student members, so please do look through the list of study groups for areas of research and practice that interest you and get in touch with the study group convenors. We can also provide representation from the student members to the DSA governing council, the member institutions or other third parties such as the ESRC and other funding bodies.

The DSA website contains much information that will be of interest to our student members. We welcome suggestions on activities that DSA could engage with and support. These can be sent to the DSA Council members responsible for students:

  • Gareth Wall, Student Representative and PhD student, University of Birmingham,
  • Dr Fiona Nunan, DSA Student-subcommittee member, Lecturer, University of Birmingham, email:

Latest News

  • NEW! DSA Student Facebook Group
  • Epistemological Issues in International Development: The School of International Development at the University of East Anglia will organise a one-day workshop on epistemological issues in international development.  This workshop targets PhD students of development and will be held at the University of East Anglia in Norwich on 29 November 2014.  There is no registration fee. The workshop will outline the epistemological issues of prominence in international development and presents three separate sessions on: epistemologies and debates in social analysis, the epistemology of natural science and epistemologies in orthodox and heterodox economics.  The sessions will be led by experienced researchers in the respective fields: Professor Cecile Jackson (social analysis), Dr Shaun McGuire (natural science) and Dr Bereket Kebede (economics).  Each will give constructive and critical accounts of strengths, weaknesses, and debates around those forms of knowledge, relevant to research in international development. For further details, please contact Leanne on
  • Defining Global Citizenship: Development, Politics and Social Change Undergradergraduate dev studies conference, University of East London 8th November 2014
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