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ITD Study GroupThis group covers all aspects of the relationship between the development process and "informatics" (meaning digital data, information, information systems, knowledge, and ICTs). It covers both strategic/policy and tactical/project levels; and encompasses all lifecycle aspects: readiness, design and development, transfer and adoption, use and impact.

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Big and Open Data for International Development

The study group workshop was held at University of Manchester on 12th July 2016.  It produced:
a) A future research agenda for “data-intensive development”:
b) A network site for researchers and practitioners working in data-intensive development, which you are invited to join:
Abstracts and presentations from the workshop are available at: 

New Models of Inclusive Innovation for Development

The special issue of Innovation and Development journal on “New Models of Inclusive Innovation for Development” has now been published.
  • This incorporates six papers from the 2013 ITD Study Group meeting on innovation and development, held at the University of Manchester; three of which are on permanent open access.
  • The overview paper - is available via open access. It defines and analyses inclusive innovation, and identifies future policy and research priorities.

Using Actor-Network Theory in Development Research


Next meeting agenda:


Previous meeting(s):
Conference Location Date Documents
IT Sourcing and Development: New Drivers, Models and Impacts University of Manchester, UK
October 2014 >Details

New Models of Innovation for Development University of Manchester, UK July 2013 >Report
Understanding Development Through Actor-Network Theory Workshop London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK June 2011
>Working Papers
One-day workshop on "ICT Policy in Developing Countries" University of Manchester's Centre for Development Informatics March 2010 >Presentations
One-Day International Workshop on "Mobiles and Development" University of Manchester, UK May 2007
One-Day Workshop on "Gender and ICTs in a Global Society" University of Manchester, UK June 2006


Richard Heeks (University of Manchester, UK)