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NGOs in Development

The NGO Study Group provides a forum for academics and researchers working on issues around civil society and development. The NGO Study Group has debated themes such as: research collaboration between academics and practitioners, NGOs and migration, local organisations and emergency relief, the ethnography of NGOs, and civil society and counter-terrorism.  Regular emails keep members informed of upcoming events. The study group has over 50 members, and welcomes new members from the academic, NGO, and policy-making community.

Latest News

The NGOs in Development Study Group welcomes existing and new members to a pre-conference Study Group Business Meeting, 11-12.45 Monday 7th September, in Room 8 West 2.20.

We will be discussing future meeting plans for the SG, as well as ideas for research collaboration, around two topics (and any others that members bring to the table): 

  1. The future of European-based international NGOs in the face of policy changes and funding squeezes 
  2. NGOs as Evidence Intermediaries: establishing a research agenda from the Round Table the Study Group is running at the conference..

Everyone with an interest in NGOs in Development is welcome. See location map (PDF).


We are pleased to announce that we have confirmed the participants for the Study Group Roundtable at the DSA Conference, 7 – 8 September:

NGOs as Knowledge Hubs and Brokers of Expertise in Tomorrow’s World?

  • Lata Narayanaswamy, University of Leeds
  • Kate Newman, Christian Aid
  • Martin Walsh, Oxfam
  • Teresa Hanley, Independent Consultant
  • Tigist Grieve, University of Bristol


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Next meeting agenda:

The Study Group will meet at the DSA Conference, University of Bath, 7 – 8 September 2015 as follows:


  • Monday 7 September, 11 – 12.45, Planning meeting to discuss future Study Group activities
  • Tuesday 8 September, 11 – 12.30, Study Group Roundtable, NGOs as Knowledge Hubs and Brokers of Expertise in Tomorrow’s World? 


All welcome!

Previous meeting(s):

Conference Location Date Documents
NGOs in the new global context, DSA2014 London, UK November 2014 >Abstracts and Presentations
Knowledge(s) in civil society organisations in development (Joint DSA and BISA NGO working group meeting) University of Leeds, UK
April 2014 > Programme
Linked Outputs:
> ‘Knowledge sharing in action'
> ‘Getting to Grips with Evidence’
NGOs and Development Communications in the 21st Century - DSA Annual Conference
London, UK
November 2013 N/A
NGOs, Evidence, Policy and Practice Webinar May 2013 > Webinar Report
> Presentations
The Accountability, Legitimacy and Credibility of International Development NGOs London, UK
November 2012 > Conference Papers
Cracking Collaboration – A new look at partnerships in international development research (One day Workshop) N/A March-June 2012 > Full details and Project Outputs
The Study Group was awarded a small grant under the New Ideas Initiative. Run by researchers from INTRAC, the University of Bradford and World Vision UK, the project explored research collaboration between academics and NGOs. A one-day workshop, attended by Study Group members and representatives of NGOs and DFID

If you are interested in joining the NGO study mailing list and/or the internet forum then please contact: Rachel Hayman, INTRAC and Susannah Pickering-Saqqa

Rachel Hayman (INTRAC) Susannah Pickering Saqqa (University of East London)
01865 263 044