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NGOs in Development

The NGO Study Group provides a forum for academics and researchers working on issues around civil society and development. The NGO Study Group has debated themes such as: research collaboration between academics and practitioners, NGOs and migration, local organisations and emergency relief, the ethnography of NGOs, and civil society and counter-terrorism.  Regular emails keep members informed of upcoming events. The study group has over 50 members, and welcomes new members from the academic, NGO, and policy-making community.

Latest News

The NGOs in Development Study Group will host a panel at the DSA2016 Conference on ‘NGOs, Politics and Power’. We invite papers from academics, researchers, practitioners and consultants, as well as nominations for panellists for a roundtable discussion on this theme.

For full information, see this PDF.

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Previous meeting(s):

Conference Location Date Documents
NGOs as Knowledge Hubs and Brokers of Expertise in Tomorrow’s World? Bath, UK September 2015 >Report (PDF)
NGOs in the new global context, DSA2014 London, UK November 2014 >Abstracts and Presentations
Knowledge(s) in civil society organisations in development (Joint DSA and BISA NGO working group meeting) University of Leeds, UK
April 2014 > Programme
Linked Outputs:
> ‘Knowledge sharing in action'
> ‘Getting to Grips with Evidence’
NGOs and Development Communications in the 21st Century - DSA Annual Conference
London, UK
November 2013 N/A
NGOs, Evidence, Policy and Practice Webinar May 2013 > Webinar Report
> Presentations
The Accountability, Legitimacy and Credibility of International Development NGOs London, UK
November 2012 > Conference Papers
Cracking Collaboration – A new look at partnerships in international development research (One day Workshop) N/A March-June 2012 > Full details and Project Outputs
The Study Group was awarded a small grant under the New Ideas Initiative. Run by researchers from INTRAC, the University of Bradford and World Vision UK, the project explored research collaboration between academics and NGOs. A one-day workshop, attended by Study Group members and representatives of NGOs and DFID

If you are interested in joining the NGO study mailing list and/or the internet forum then please contact: Rachel Hayman, INTRAC and Susannah Pickering-Saqqa

Rachel Hayman (INTRAC) Susannah Pickering Saqqa (University of East London)
01865 263 044