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Our conference this year is themed "Social justice and development in a polarising world"

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ODID News & publications – October


Sabina Alkire, Xiaolan Fu and Frances Stewart named Fellows of the Academy of Social Sciences
three members of the department – Dr Sabina Alkire, Professor Xiaolan Fu, and Emeritus Professor Frances Stewart – have been conferred the award of Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. Find out more.

Catherine Porter joins Young Lives as new Director
Dr Porter brings extensive research experience in applied microeconomics and many years close involvement with the Young Lives study to her new role. Find out more

The Bodley Head buys rights to literary memoir by Simukai Chigudu
Associate Professor Simukai Chigudu, who has secured a book deal for a “literary memoir” following a 12-way auction. The book, When Will We Be Free? was bought by The Bodley Head and will be published in 2024. Read the full story.

Francesca Lessa highly commended in O2RB Excellence in Impact Awards
Dr Lessa was highly commended for her work improving routes to justice for victims of transnational human rights violations in South America. Find out more.

Two-thirds of the world’s poor have no educated females at home
Co-authored by OPHI and the United Nations Development Programme Human Development Report Office (UNDP HDRO), this year’s report to launch the findings of the global Multidimensional Poverty Index is entitled Unmasking disparities by ethnicity, caste and gender. The 2021 report uses disaggregation and intrahousehold analyses to highlight inequalities along the lines of ethnicity, caste and gender to show who is being left behind and which interlinked deprivations are hindering progress in poverty reduction. Read more, download the report and watch the launch event video.

New Publications

Fu, Xiaolan (with E Avenyo, P Ghauri) (2021) ‘Digital platforms and development: a survey of the literature’Innovation and DevelopmentSharma, 

Amogh (2021) ‘Ordinary Conspiracy Theories and Everyday Communalism: Right-Wing Propaganda on the Indian Cyberspace’, In Indrajit Roy (ed) Passionate Politics: Democracy, Development and India’s 2019 General Elections , Manchester University Press

Bano, Masooda (ed) (2021) Salafi Social and Political Movements: National and Transnational Contexts, Edinburgh University PressBolt, Maxim (2021) ‘Fluctuating formality: homeownership, inheritance, and the official economy in urban South Africa’Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute

Woodruff, Christopher (with Andreas Menzel) (2021) ‘Gender wage gaps and worker mobility: Evidence from the garment sector in Bangladesh’Labour Economics 71: 102000Landau, Loren (2021) ‘Asynchronous mobilities: hostility, hospitality, and possibilities of justice’Mobilities

Doss, Cheryl (with Jessica Heckert, Audrey Pereira, Emily C Myers and Agnes Quisumbing) (2021) ‘Structural Transformation and Gendered Transitions to Adulthood among Rural Youth: Cross-National Evidence from Low- and Middle-Income Countries’Journal of Development Studies 57 (4): 614-34


From Economic Fantasy to Ecological Reality on Climate Change: In stark contrast to climate scientists, economists have been sanguine about the dangers of climate change, with Nobel Prize winner William Nordhaus claiming that a 6°C increase in global average temperatures would decrease global economic output by less than 10%. This rosy prognosis is based on assumptions about climate change that are manifestly false, and misreadings of scientific literature warning of imminent tipping points in the planet’s climate. Though there is no excuse for Nordhaus’s misrepresentation of the science, the failure to comprehend the existential threat climate change poses to human civilization can be traced back to the lack of a biophysical foundation to Neoclassical models of production. Online: 22 October, 17:00 to 18:00. Follow the link to register.