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We are the UK association for all those who research, study and teach global development issues

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What is Development Studies

What is development studies and decolonising development.

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We have around 1,000 members, made up of individuals and around 40 institutions

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Find out about our constitution, how we are run and meet our Council

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Meet our Council members and other staff who support the running of DSA

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The DSA Conference is an annual event which brings together the development studies community

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Our conference this year is themed "Social justice and development in a polarising world"

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Find out about our previous conferences

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Study Groups

Our Study Groups offer a chance to connect with others who share your areas of interest

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Students and ECRs

Students and early career researchers are an important part of our community

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Our book series with OUP and our relationship with other publishers

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North-South Research

A series of workshops exploring North-South interdisciplinary research with key messages and reports

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Membership Directory

Find out who our members are, where they are based and the issues they work on

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LSE ID February news

  • Lydia Assouad selected as the IEA’s featured economist for January: Dr Lydia Assouad, Assistant Professor of International has been selected by the International Economic Association (IEA) as their featured Economist for January 2023.
  • Kathy Hochstetler on BBC speaking about political unrest in Brazil: Prof Kathy Hochstetler featured on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 5 earlier this year speaking about the riots in Brazil in the wake of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s election. Listen here: BBC Radio4 (00:16:20)BBC Radio5 (01:07:00).
  • Tiziana Leone awarded a visiting professorship at LUISS Rome: Congratulations to Dr Tiziana Leone who has been awarded a visiting professorship in the Department of Political Science at Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli (LUISS) in Rome. Dr Leone will take up the professorship in April 2024 to work on research on demography and climate crises.
  • ID faculty in top 120 most cited academics at LSE: Professor Naila Kabeer (33rd), Professor Robert Wade (63rd), Professor Tim Forsyth (80th) and Professor Catherine Boone (103rd) have been ranked the top most cited academics LSE by Research.com.
  • Cutting Edge Issues Podcast Series: You can now listen to the latest Cutting Edge Issues in Development Thinking & Practice lectures via all major streaming platforms. Listen and subscribe to the series on: AppleSpotifyGoogle and Amazon.  

Upcoming events

Financing the Future (more info). Wednesday 08 February 2023 6:00pm to 7:30pm, NAB 2.04, New Academic Building, LSE
Speakers: Chris Humphrey, Kathrin Muehlbronner and Natalya Naqvi. Chair: Professor Ken Shadlen. Chris Humphrey will present his new book Financing the Future: Multilateral Development Banks in the Changing World Order of the 21st Century with Kathrin Muehlbronner, Natalya Naqvi and Ken Shadlen.


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