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Our conference this year is themed "Social justice and development in a polarising world"

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26–28 June 2024, Hybrid at SOAS University of London

Social justice and development in a polarising world

rights and representation; redistribution and restoration; reproduction and production

DSA2024 Conference

SOAS University of London, 26–28 June 2024

Early Bird Registration now CLOSED

#DSA2024 conference will take place as a hybrid conference and will be organised and hosted by the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. The Conference convenor is Michael Jennings, Professor of Global Development, Dept. of Development Studies.

Format: Hybrid – For the first time since 2012, DSA members will be together face-to-face in London, however the conference will also be using online technologies to ensure participation from those who prefer to engage remotely. There will be a range of panel formats including paper, roundtable, asynchronous and experimental panels, such as debates, speed meetings and more.

Accessing the conference
As a hybrid conference, all the sessions will be recorded and later uploaded to the conference website. More details to follow.

DSA2024 will offer partial funding for our delegates to cover their travel and accommodation expenses. Please keep in mind that the resources for funding are limited and not all applications will get a positive response.


The DSA conference team are aware of a phishing email circulating asking for your arrival and departure dates so they can book accommodation for you.

  • The DSA does not offer any accommodation booking services. Please do not give your personal information to anyone except trusted sources – NomadIT who are running the conference and DSA staff.
  • The DSA conference team, NomadIT and SOAS are NOT associated with Global Travel Experts or any other travel company.

The theme of the conference is Social justice and development in a polarising world

Underpinning all global development discourses, practice and policy – sometimes explicitly, often implicitly – is the issue of social justice. Whether framed within formal discourses of human rights, representation or redistribution; an intended or unintended outcome of development policy and interventions; or a contested idea around which debates on equality, equity, fairness and responsibility are framed and debated, social justice is at the heart of global development. Orthodox development priorities and institutions, too, acknowledge explicitly (if perhaps problematically) social justice as a core feature of global development priorities and interventions.

Over recent years, an increasingly fracturing world has faced challenges from a succession of crises (economic, climate, health, conflict), growing global and domestic inequities, and challenges to rights and representation amidst a growing populist politics of exclusion. The growing polarisation of global and national politics; debates around rights, reparations and legacy responsibilities; around identities and identity politics, has fed into debates and policy in global development and social justice, contributing to the further marginalisation of already vulnerable populations and communities.

The DSA2024 conference provides an opportunity to reflect on issues, structures and processes of power, justice and equity within global development action and relationships; on the need for de-centring development theory within the discipline; and the ways in which these challenge existing ideas, and demand new ways of thinking about, perhaps even re-setting, thinking and practice around social justice and development.

The  DSA2024 conference will explore what thinking more explicitly about global development from a social justice perspective can offer development theory and practice, with a particular focus on the three core strands:

  1. Rights and representation;
  2. Redistribution and restoration;
  3. Reproduction and production.

Find out more about the conference theme

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