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Latest news: LSE ID – February 2022


PhD candidate in ID Michael Mugisha quoted in The Economist

Michael Mugisha, a PhD student in the department, was quoted in an article published in The Economist earlier this month, “Middlemen are the invisible links in African agriculture”. You can read the article open access here.

Prof. Jean-Paul Faguet on the economic effects of Omicron

In late December, ID’s Professor Jean-Paul Faguet was interviewed by Argentina’s largest daily newspaper, Clarín, on the economic effects of the omicron wave. Read the interview here. You can also listen to a radio broadcast on on Corresponsales en Linea where Prof. Faguet spoke on the same topic here.

Cutting Edge Issues Podcast Series 
You can now listen to the latest Cutting Edge Issues in Development Thinking & Practice lectures via all major streaming platforms.

You can listen to the following recent event podcasts:

Listen and subscribe to the series on: AppleSpotifyGoogle and Amazon.  

Job opportunity: Senior Programme Manager at PfAL

The Programme for African Leadership (PfAL) is an extra-curricular programme focused on leadership development, skills development, and networking, available to post-graduate students of African nationality currently studying at LSE. PfAL brings together bright and ambitious African graduate students at LSE to support their development into value-driven and effective leaders through a structured set of activities and events, creating an alumni network whose members are committed to having a positive impact on the lives of people on the continent.

The Firoz Lalji Institute for Africa (FLIA) is looking for an experienced, dynamic, motivated, organised and personable senior manager for PfAL who will be responsible for all aspects of the programme and student experience. The post holder is expected to manage the recruitment and admission of students into the programme each year, as well as design and tailor the yearly programme to achieve learning objectives and outcomes. The post holder will also take the lead on the strategic development of the programme as it continues to grow.


Latin America and the Caribbean continues to be one of the slowest growing regions in the world and its citizens among the least satisfied with democracy. We trace these phenomena back to a crisis of trust and citizenship in the region.

Monday 28 March 2022, 4.30pm – 6pm | Online event 
Speakers: Philip Keefer, Professor Aldo Madariaga and Dr Erin McFee
Chair: Professor Jean-Paul Faguet


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