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Do you want to link up with members who care about the same development topics as you? You can keep on top of trends in your area by joining one of our 14 study groups. Study groups organise:

  • workshops and one-day conferences
  • email updates
  • sessions at our annual conference
  • networking meetings

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How do I join a study group? How many can I join?

Just send your contact details to the convenor for the group you're interested in. You can join as many study groups as you like.

Here is the full list of study groups we run.

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Do I have to be a DSA member to go to a study group event?
Not for your first meeting. But for your second visit, we'll encourage you to join the DSA.

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I'm a research student with limited funds, can I claim travel expenses?
Yes, providing you are a DSA member and you get the go ahead from your study group convenor. 

Study groups have a small budget to fund activities and encourage participation. Students and unwaged people can often claim travel expenses up to a limit. But you'll need to agree this limit first with your SG Convenor. And we expect you to book your fare early to get the best deal.

If your study group convenor agrees to refund your travel, you will need to


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How often do study group meet up?
Groups try to meet once a year if not more, and we encourage all study groups to hold an event at our annual conference.


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What if there's no study group for my specialism?

Then why not set up your own?


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