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We are the UK association for all those who research, study and teach global development issues

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What is development studies and decolonising development.

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We have around 1,000 members, made up of individuals and around 40 institutions

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The DSA Conference is an annual event which brings together the development studies community

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Our conference this year is themed "Social justice and development in a polarising world"

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Our Study Groups offer a chance to connect with others who share your areas of interest

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Students and early career researchers are an important part of our community

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Our book series with OUP and our relationship with other publishers

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North-South Research

A series of workshops exploring North-South interdisciplinary research with key messages and reports

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ODID News & publications – August


Mobility Governance Lab to launch
ODID and the African Centre for Migration and Society at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg have signed an innovative partnership agreement to launch a jointly directed ‘lab’ that will explore the governance of mobility in the global South. Find out more.

Social enterprise to value new tech
A social enterprise created from ODID research has developed an affordable tool that can be used by international organisations, governments, banks, and private investors to determine the value of new technologies with great accuracy. Find out more

Linking poverty and electricity access
A new report by OPHI and The Rockefeller Foundation explores the interlinkages between access to electricity and multiple indicators of poverty, making the case for universal electrification as a path for more rapid and inclusive economic development. Read the report.

Raufu Mustapha’s papers online
Oxford’s Bodleian library has catalogued and made available online a collection of the academic papers of our late colleague, Abdul Raufu Mustapha. Raufu’s interests included religion and politics in Nigeria, the politics of rural societies, the politics of democratisation, and identity politics in Africa. Find out more.

First book award
Simukai Chigudu has won the 2021 Theodore J Lowi First Book Award for his book, The Political Life of an Epidemic: Cholera, Crisis and Citizenship in Zimbabwe. It is awarded bthe International and American Political Science Associations. Find out more

New publications

Francesca P Albanese and Lex Takkenberg (2021) ‘Rethinking solutions for Palestinian refugees: A much-needed paradigm shift and an opportunity towards its realization‘, RSC Working Paper No 135

Laura Ballerini and Sylvia I Bergh (2021) ‘Using citizen science data to monitor the Sustainable Development Goals: a bottom-up analysis‘, Sustainability Science 

Kiros Birhanu, Agazi Tiumelissan and Alula Pankhurst (2021) ‘The Disparity Between Intention and Reality: The Pre-Primary O-Class Context in Three Rural Young Lives Communities in Ethiopia’, Young Lives Working Paper No 189

Jo Boyden and Deborah Walnicki (2021) ‘Leveraging the Power of Longitudinal Data: Insights on Data Harmonisation and Linkage from Young Lives‘ Young Lives Insight Report

Hanno Brankamp (2021) ‘Camp Abolition: Ending Carceral Humanitarianism in Kenya (and Beyond)’Antipode

Jörg Friedrichs (2021) ‘Majority-Muslim Hate Crimes in England: An Interpretive Quantitative Analysis, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs

John Gledhill, Richard Caplan and Maline Meiske (2021) ‘Developing peace: the evolution of development goals and activities in United Nations peacekeeping‘, Oxford Development Studies

Damian Lilly (2021) ‘Palestinian refugees and the Global Compact on Refugees’, RSC Working Paper No 136

Suman Seth and Sabina Alkire  (2021). ‘Multidimensional poverty and inclusive growth in India: An analysis using growth elasticities and semi-elasticities’, OPHI Working Paper No 137

Renu Singh and Kath Ford (2021) ‘Supporting Vulnerable Girls and Young Women in India: Evidence from the Listening to Young Lives at Work COVID-19 Phone Survey’ Young Lives Policy Brief 47

Renu Singh, Uma Vennam, Jayanthi Narayan, Amita Tandon, and Gina Crivello (2021) ‘The Educational and Occupational Trajectories of Adolescents and Youth with Disabilities in India’, Young Lives Research Report;  see also the related research brief and policy brief 

Rebecca Williamson, Magdalena Arias Cubas, Derya Ozkul, Cailin Maas, Chulhyo Kim, Elsa Koleth & Stephen Castles (2021) ‘Migration and social transformation through the lens of locality: a multi-sited study of experiences of neighbourhood transformation‘, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies