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WICID Joins the DSA

The Warwick Interdisciplinary Research Centre for International Development (WICID) at the University of Warwick becomes the DSA’s latest Premium Institutional Member.

WICID, at the University of Warwick, addresses urgent problems of poverty, inequality and social and economic change while challenging global hierarchies of knowledge and resources.

With an interdisciplinary approach at its core, a broad subject interest and high profile among higher education institutions in the UK, we welcome WICID to our membership.

WICID is delighted to be part of the DSA’s vibrant community of Development Studies scholars and we look forward to working with DSA to expand our networks and collaborations,” says Shirin Rai, Professor in the department of Politics and International Studies and the Co-Director of WICID.

Interdisciplinary, critical and robust analyses through co-production of knowledge and knowledge exchange characterise WICID’s approach and ensure impact in the fields the Centre works in.

WICID is committed to supporting justice campaigns that challenge global inequalities and developing new research methodologies through our Methods Lab, primarily though not exclusively, in the areas of health, gender, mobilities and peace, conflict and justice. We look forward to this new chapter in WICID’s life,” explains Professor Rai.

The DSA’s newest Institutional Member joins a network of leading development studies institutions from across the UK, strengthening and enriching the broader DSA community.

As DSA President Sam Hickey notes,  “Institutional members are critical to the DSA, providing it with the support and legitimacy it requires to act as the sector’s representative body. WICID’s decision to join the DSA is a welcome sign of the confidence that the DSA enjoys within UK development studies and also of our sector’s growing presence within higher education”.

With this latest addition to the DSA community,  expect to see WICID news featured regularly across the DSA news channels (website, social media and newsletter). We look forward to WICID’s active participation in DSA on multiple fronts, including our study groups, webinars, annual conference, Heads of Centres meetings and various initiatives to strengthen the development studies sector in the UK and beyond.

Of particular interest to existing DSA members, be they Institutional or Individual, is WICID’s flagship project: The Methods Lab which produces toolkits and podcasts to help develop and analyse new methodological approaches to research and impact, all of which are open access. In addition, WICID’s blog, Think Development, is an interdisciplinary platform  for academic and non-academic contributors and audiences on issues of international development.  It has a rich back catalogue which we highly recommend. And finally, WICID publish a regular vlog via their YouTube channel, which might appeal to those who prefer to watch interviews and discussions.

For further information contact:
Laura Roberts, DSA Communications Manager

DSA Membership is open to anybody with an interest in development studies. Member benefits, fees and how to join instructions are available on the Membership pages of the website.

About the DSA

The Development Studies Association (DSA) is a UK based membership organisation for all those studying, researching and teaching in the field of global development. The DSA promotes and advances international development as a field of study, research and action. We aim to deepen understanding of how global poverty, inequalities, conflict and environmental destruction are produced, sustained and may be overcome, and how a better future may be advanced. The DSA is a membership organisation, with both individual and institutional members, and is wholly funded through its membership premiums and activities.

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The Warwick Interdisciplinary Research Centre for International Development (WICID) addresses urgent problems of poverty, inequality and social and economic change while challenging global hierarchies of knowledge and resources. For details of WICID’s purpose, research themes, staff past and present, and the WICID Methods Lab (WML) click this link.