Our Aims and Objectives

We are the UK association for all those who research, study and teach global development issues

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What is Development Studies

What is development studies and decolonising development.

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Our Members

We have around 1,000 members, made up of individuals and around 40 institutions

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Find out about our constitution, how we are run and meet our Council

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Meet our Council members and other staff who support the running of DSA

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The DSA Conference is an annual event which brings together the development studies community

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Our conference this year is themed "Social justice and development in a polarising world"

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Past Conferences

Find out about our previous conferences

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Study Groups

Our Study Groups offer a chance to connect with others who share your areas of interest

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Students and ECRs

Students and early career researchers are an important part of our community

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Our book series with OUP and our relationship with other publishers

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North-South Research

A series of workshops exploring North-South interdisciplinary research with key messages and reports

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Membership Directory

Find out who our members are, where they are based and the issues they work on

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Latest News: IDS News – March 2022


Sussex Development Lectures: Reimagining development education in an uncertain world
Is the traditional method of teaching appropriately preparing students to become creative practitioners, and to imagine alternative responses to the changing challenges we face? 10 March 2022 at 5pm.

Online Event: Defending online spaces for women – countering disinformation and gender-based violence
To mark International Women’s Day, join our international panel of speakers to share experiences, learning and tactics for countering backlash against gender justice, and disinformation targeted at women that frequently occurs in online spaces. 10 March 2022 at 2pm.

IDS Bulletin launch: Evaluating the impacts of inclusive business programmes
Building on real-world experiences with theory-based evaluation in inclusive business programmes, this IDS Bulletin discusses approaches and methods for meaningful impact evaluation. 11 March 2022 at 12 noon.

Online Event: Kids in charge? Age and power in Peru’s movement of working children
In this IDS-CIRCY seminar, Professor Jessica Taft traces the complex dynamics of age-based power in children’s movements. Unpacking ideas about ‘kids being in charge’ it explores the possibilities and challenges for contesting the accumulation of power and authority in the hands of older individuals. 14 March 2022 at 4:30pm.

Online Event: Trade and poverty: What do we know?
This seminar provides an overview of what we know about the relationship between increases in trade and poverty, highlighting policy implications towards ‘inclusive trade’. The seminar is third in the IDS seminar series on inclusive trade. 17 March 2022 at 2pm.


Between the Line Podcast S04 Ep2
In this episode of the IDS podcast Between the Lines, IDS Research Fellow Tony Roberts interviews Eve Hayes de Kalaf, author of the book Legal Identity, Race and Belonging in the Dominican Republic: From Citizen to Foreigner.


Theory-Based Evaluation of Inclusive Business Programmes, IDS Bulletin 53.1, Edited by Giel Ton and Sietze Vellema
Renewable Energy Procurement by Private Suppliers in Ethiopia, IDS Policy Briefing 187, Seife Ayele and Wei Shen
Tax and Governance in the Context of Scarce Revenues: Inefficient Tax Collection and its Implications in Rural West Africa, Working Paper 139, Vanessa van den Boogaard and Rachel Beach
Taliban Taxation in Afghanistan: (2006-2021), Working Paper 138, Rahmatullah Amiri and Ashley Jackson
Against the Odds: Action for Empowerment and Accountability in Challenging Contexts, Colin Anderson, John Gaventa, Anuradha Joshi, Emilie Wilson, Niranjan J. Nampoothiri and Jenny Edwards
Beyond Rights-Based Social Protection for Forcibly Displaced People, BASIC Research Working Paper 6, Tahir Zaman, Michael Collyer, Rachel Sabates-Wheeler and Carolina Szyp
Climate Resilience and Social Assistance in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Settings, BASIC Research Working Paper 2, Lars Otto Naess, Jan Selby and Gabrielle Daoust
Bringing WASH into the Water–Energy–Food Nexus in Humanitarian Settings, IDS Working Paper 563, Shilpi Srivastava, Jeremy Allouche, Roz Price and Tina Nelis