Our Aims and Objectives

We are the UK association for all those who research, study and teach global development issues

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What is Development Studies

What is development studies and decolonising development.

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Our Members

We have around 1,000 members, made up of individuals and around 40 institutions

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Find out about our constitution, how we are run and meet our Council

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Meet our Council members and other staff who support the running of DSA

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The DSA Conference is an annual event which brings together the development studies community

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Our conference this year is themed "Social justice and development in a polarising world"

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Past Conferences

Find out about our previous conferences

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Study Groups

Our Study Groups offer a chance to connect with others who share your areas of interest

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Students and ECRs

Students and early career researchers are an important part of our community

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Our book series with OUP and our relationship with other publishers

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North-South Research

A series of workshops exploring North-South interdisciplinary research with key messages and reports

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Membership Directory

Find out who our members are, where they are based and the issues they work on

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Development podcast round up

If you prefer to listen to issues then these development focused podcasts might be of interest. If you’re a DSA member and have a podcast series we have not listed here, please let us know.

African Cities Research Consortium: Interviews, insights and in-depth discussions on urban development in Africa, from the African Cities Research Consortium.

Alternative Conversations:  Charles Kojo Vandyck, a social justice activist and thought leader with expertise in strengthening civil society. The podcast is a discussion show at the intersection between social cohesion and social change in Africa.

The Ballpark podcast: This is LSE’s regular podcast on US politics and policy and covers issues such as the climate emergency, relations with China and race.

Between the Lines: the podcast from the Institute of Development Studies. This podcast series explores ground-breaking ideas in development for positive social and environmental change. Each month the podcast features an interview with an expert in international development who will talk about their latest research and ideas.

Can you hear us? This podcast by Monica Abad Yang and Madiera Dennison in partnership with the Department of International Development at LSE, is the first initiative of its kind in the Department. It aims to prioritise BIPOC women and femmes’ specific experiences and narratives by creating a space where we can discuss a multitude of topics that affect us as women, women of colour (WOC) and women in professional spaces.

Careers in International Development. In this podcast series, former MSc Development Management candidate Temi Phyllis Pratt interviews professionals working in the field of International Development.

CEDAR launches a new podcast series! The recently established Centre for Elections, Democracy, Accountability and Representation (CEDAR) that features two IDD staff, Nic Cheeseman and Petra Alderman, has launched a new podcast series called People, Power, Politics. It brings the latest insights into the factors that are shaping – and re-shaping – our political world by talking to leading thinkers from across the globe. Listen to the inaugural episode ‘Is democracy in trouble?’ featuring CEDAR’s Prof Nic Cheeseman (guest) and Dr Petra Alderman (host), and subscribe to the series on your favourite podcast streaming platform. If you would like to speak on the podcast, please contact Petra Alderman at [email protected].

Discover Economics podcast: Aimed at the future generation of economists, this podcast series aimd to challenge – and change – the image of economists through a series of conversations with economists who are working in a variety of different organisations. The podcasts explore their personal journeys, what inspired them to choose to study economics, how they got to their current position, what are they currently working on and what are some of the things that they love about economics.

DPU podcasts: The Development Planning Unit’s podcasts present key issues around Urban Development Planning. They showcase diverse debates held at the unit, focusing on the experiences and struggles of speakers living and working in different parts of the world, especially the global south.To view their full podcast archive please visit their Mixcloud page. Their current series includes:

  • Dialogues in Development: The DPU hosts a lecture series titled Dialogues in Development in which a diverse range of speakers working in the field of urban development are invited to share and discuss their work.
  • DPU Breakfasts: The DPU hosts a series of breakfast conversations with each of their staff members. The DPU Breakfasts series provides the opportunity to get an insight into the research work undertaken by their academic staff.
  • Thinking Cities: Debating Just Development in the Global South: The episodes aim to i) justify and unpack the theme of the episode, ii) two explore the framing of thinking and the key debates within that field and iii) to consider the DPU’s past, present and future role in contributing to these debates through research, teaching and capacity building.

Global Development Institute podcast: The Global Development Institute at the University of Manchester has a podcast series bringing listeners the latest thinking, insight and debate in development studies. The series features lectures, seminars and workshops from across the Institute as well as discussions between world-leading experts in development studies.

Global Dispatches: Global Dispatches is a podcast about international relations, global affairs and world news that matters, hosted by Leon Goldberg, Editor of the UN’s blog.

Hierarchies of Development: EADI and King’s College London. The Hierarchies of Development podcast offers long format interviews focusing on enduring global inequalities. Conversations focus on contemporary research projects by critical scholars from across the world that help us understand how and why structural hierarchies persist.

In pursuit of development: A podcast on global development hosted by Professor Dan Banik from the University of Oslo.

LSE event recordings:

LSE have a number of podcasts including: women in international development, research during the pandemic, the student experience and more. Visit their podcast page for a full listing.

Planning for food secure African cities:  A podcast series designed to help African planning scholars and urbanists to think through how and why food can be incorporated in urban planning and governance.

Powered by Evidence:  A podcast by the Global Evaluation Initiative, a global partnership of organizations that help governments and public institutions create robust, country-owned monitoring and evaluation systems.  In this podcast, they invite experts from their international network – and other special guests – to explore new ideas and revisit challenges still un-solved, examine failures, reflect on successes, and discuss ways forward. 

Poverty Unpacked: Discussing the hidden side of poverty. Run by Keetie Roelen, Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Global Development at the Open University.

Right’s Up: A podcast from the Oxford Human Rights Hub that looks at the big human rights issues of the day, bringing in new perspectives from all over the world by talking to experts, academics, practicing lawyers, activists and policy makers who are at the forefront of tackling these difficult issues.

Right’s Up pops: Vox pops with human rights experts from the Oxford Human Rights Hub.

The SOAS DevTraC Podcast Series: offers episodes covering critical conversations in international development, with academics, researchers and practitioners. Twitter: twitter.com/soasdevtrac

Social Protection podcast run by the Social Protection gateway.

Think Change podcast: from think tank ODI, This podcast discusses some of the world’s most pressing global issues with a variety of experts and commentators. The Overseas Development Institute is a leading think tank on international development issues, and their podcast features interviews with experts on topics such as aid effectiveness, governance, and economic development.

Upstream: a quarterly documentary and bi-weekly conversation series that invites you to unlearn everything you thought you knew about economics. It blurs the line between economic analysis and storytelling.

The We Society: podcast of the Academy of Social Sciences. The We Society podcast is here to tell you about the thousands of ways the Social Sciences can help us understand and enhance this complicated and fascinating human network.

The World Bank development podcast: Produced by the World Bank This international development podcast brings together the data, research—and solutions—that can pave the way to a sustainable future.