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Latest News: ODID – January 2022


New joint Oxford-Wits project to study human mobility in Global South
The challenges and opportunities of human mobility in the Global South are the focus of a new project, the Mobility Governance Lab, recently launched by ODID and the African Centre for Migration & Society (ACMS) at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. Find out more.

Outstanding International Impact award
Research on ‘Refugee-Led Social Protection During COVID-19’ by Professor Alexander Betts, Dr Evan Easton-Calabria, and Dr Kate Pincock of the Refugee Studies Centre won the Outstanding International Impact award in the ESRC Celebrating Impact Awards for 2021. Find out more.

We can accelerate vaccine production through partnerships that promote knowledge sharing
A new article by Professors Xiaolan Fu and Diego Sánchez-Ancochea and colleagues set out a proposal to ramp up vaccine production in the Global South through joint ventures between global and local pharmaceutical companies. Find out more.

New hub to support refugee-led research
The Refugee Studies Centre and the British Institute of Eastern Africa in Nairobi have launched a new hub which aims to facilitate refugee-led research through scholarships, online courses, refugee-led research projects and mentorship. Find out more.

Expert testimony from Francesca Lessa helps secure human rights verdict against Argentina
Expert testimony from our Departmental Lecturer Francesca Lessa helped secure a verdict against Argentina in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. The Court found Argentina responsible for the forced disappearance of two Uruguayan political exiles in Buenos Aires in 1976, as part of Operation Condor – a transnational campaign of political repression carried out across Latin America in the 1970s. Find out more.


Climate Change, Agrarian Transformation, and the Origins of COVID-19
Dr Li Zhang (Irvine, University of California), author of The origins of covid-19: China and Global Capitalism (2021, Stanford) will speak about the structural entanglements of state-making, science and technology in China and the rest of the world.
18 February 2022, 17:00 (GMT)
Register here.

Indian farmers’ struggle and climate change: Defending small farming against agro-business takeover
Professor Pritam Singh
(Brookes University) will speak about the 2020-21 farmer protests in India to analyse the links between climate change and agrarian politics in the Global South. Register here.
25 February 2022, 17:00 (GMT)
Register here.


Yamini Aiyar, Vincy Davis, Gokulnath Govindan and Taanya Kapoor (2021) Rewriting the Grammar of the Education System: Delhi’s Education Reform (A Tale of Creative Resistance and Creative Disruption), Research on Improving Systems of Education (RISE)
Jocelyn Alexander (2021) ’The Noisy Silence of Gukurahundi: Truth, Recognition and Belonging’, Journal of Southern African Studies
Sabina Alkire and M Apablaza with A-C Guio (2021) ‘Chronic multidimensional poverty in Europe’. In A-C Guio, E Marlier and B Nolan (eds) (2021) Improving the Understanding of Poverty and Social Exclusion in Europe, 2021 edition. Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg
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Jo Boyden, Gina Crivello, Andrew Dawes and Catherine Porter (2021) Designing Comparative, Longitudinal Mixed-Methods Research: Learning from Young LivesYoung Lives

Catherine Briddick (2021) ‘When does migration law discriminate against women?’, AJIL Unbound 

Catherine Briddick and Cathryn Costello (2021) ‘Introduction to the Symposium on Undoing Discriminatory Borders’, AJIL Unbound 

X Fu, P Ghauri, J Lu and S Kabir (2021) ‘The role of digital technology in improving the lives of marginalised communities during the Covid-19 pandemic‘, IMODEL Policy Brief No 2, Technology and Management Centre for Development

X Fu, P Ghauri, J Lu and S Kabir (2021) ‘Short-video platform innovation inspires marginalised communities new ways to generate income‘, IMODEL Policy Brief No 3, Technology and Management Centre for Development

Xiaolan Fu, Pervez Ghauri, Nwamaka Ogbonna, and Xiaoqiang Xing) (2022) ‘Platform-based business model and entrepreneurs from Base of the Pyramid’Technovation

Myfanwy James (2021) ‘From Rebel to Humanitarian: Military Savoir Faire and Humanitarian Practice in Eastern DR Congo’, Development and Change
Myfanwy James (2021) ‘Humanitarian Shapeshifting: Navigation, Brokerage and Access in Eastern DR Congo’, Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding

James, Myfanwy (with Joseph Grace Kasereka, Shelley Lees) (2021) ‘The Politics of the Second Vaccine: Debates Surrounding Ebola Vaccine Trials in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo’Journal of Humanitarian Affairs 3(3) 4-13

Emre Eren Korkmaz, Türkay Salim Nefes, Aiden Slavin, Roxana Akhmetova, Hüseyin Atakan Keskin, Johanna Bankston and Xiaolan Fu (2021) ‘Digital Citizenship in Turkey‘ TMCD Working Paper No 83, Technology and Management Centre for Development
Adeel Malik and Vanessa Bouaroudj (2021) ‘The Predicament of Establishing Persistence: Slavery and Human Capital in Africa’, Journal of Historical Political Economy
Derya Ozkul and Rita Jarrous (2021) ‘How do refugees navigate the UNHCR’s bureaucracy? The role of rumours in accessing humanitarian aid and resettlement’, Third World Quarterly
Astrid Rasch and Minna Johanna Niemi and Jocelyn Alexander (2021) ‘Reading Repression and Resistance in Zimbabwean Literature’, Journal of Southern African Studies
Cory Rodgers (2021) ‘Community engagement in pastoralist areas: Lessons from the public dialogue process for a new refugee settlement in Turkana, Kenya’, Pastoralism
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